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  • Official Number : SGC-038911
  • Gross tonnage : 16tons
  • Engine type : 4 electric motors
  • Propeller type : 4 spiral propellers
  • Length: 16.83 M
  • Width: 2.60 M
  • Depth: 2.60 M
  • Maximum capacity: 67 people (65 passengers and 2 crew)
  • Normal Operating Depth: 40m
  • Max. Diving Depth: 60m (Passed hydraulic pressure tests in compliance with the Korea’s KR)
  • Max. Service Speed: 2.6 knots


Top 7th dive site in the world

Classification: Natural Monument No. 421

Name: Munseom and Beomseom Nature Reserve

Classification: Natural Heritage / Nature Reserve / Natural Science Island / Marine Life Island

Quantity/Area: 9,751,781㎡

Date designated: 2007. 07. 18

Natural Monument No. 442 Population of Soft Corals Along the Coast of Jeju

In the Seogwipo waters, various coral reefs along with soft corals form splendid colonies on bedrock.
In addition, it is a characteristic place that typically shows the natural state of the world's rare soft coral community , and has very high academic value in terms of distribution.
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Natural Monument No. 421 Munseom Island Natural Reserve

Munseom Natural Reserve is not only beautiful in scenery, but also a place where many new and unrecorded species of marine life unique to Korea appear that are of great academic value. Munseom Natural Reserve is designated and protected as a natural reserve because it can represent the diversity of species of southern species.
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