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  • Special events: Birthdays, 60th birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.
  • Name of special guest: If it is a wedding anniversary, please write both names
  • Name of applicant: Name of person making the reservation
  • Applicant name, reservation date, boarding time, phone number
  • Congratulatory message: write a message no longer than 20 letters
  • E-MAIL : event@submarine.co.kr

Important information to consider
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  • This event applies only to customers who buy tickets through the Seogwipo Submarine homepage.
  • This event is offered once per ship to the first guest to make a reservation by email!

Benefits for customers
who buy tickets through our homepage

We offer the benefits listed below to those who buy submarine tickets through our homepage

Seogwipo Submarine boarding rate discount: Adult ₩55,000 → ₩49,500

Each ticket holder receives a ₩10,000 gift certificate for the Jeju International Convention Center’s JTO domestic duty free shop in Jungmun

A free entrance ticket for the Lee Jung-seob Art Museum

40% discount on admission to the Walart Museum


BONUS benefit: A free Americano ticket at Yudong Coffee Shop